Today’s world is full of many unpredictable risks. Natural disasters, conventional wars, terrorist attacks, nuclear threats and more. Therefore, it is very important to have safe and private spaces with minimum living conditions where people can meet their needs in difficult times for themselves and their families. In this context, states take measures to ensure their own continuity, create safe zones and make crisis plans. Many people ignore these risks. The shelter cabins we produce as Hawk Shelter are exactly the need of these times. This is not a luxury, but a necessity for people with the appropriate space and vision. As Hawk Shelter, we produce the most economical and durable solutions for people’s security needs. Our engineers analyze in detail the natural disasters and security risks in your area and create all the components and static calculations for the planned shelter based on all these details. Factors such as fault lines, flood risks, possible weather events, regional terrorism, conventional war risks and even nuclear risk are all taken into account.
Depending on the condition of the land, operations such as hiding the shelter cabin and integrating it into the existing building are carried out with the same care.
It is enough to have a garden or a deserted land. Contact us and let’s plan the whole process together.


Terrain analysis.
Settlement planning.
Installation and operation of aboveground equipment.