We have been producing premium steel constructions and developing steel facade and wall systems since 2008. Our products turn into safe structures that protect people and all their values ​​in many parts of the world.

Now, with our HAWK SHELTER brand, we transform our steel construction and custom-made facade experience into solutions for underground bunker, secret safe rooms, high-end bunker systems with NBC filtration systems and panic rooms. We design, manufacture and build a special bunker for you with all the infrastructure that will protect you, your loved ones and assets under all circumstances.

We design, manufacture and ship to every country in the world within the scope of logistics possibilities.

Be safe…


We build the place you can take shelter, when there’ll be no place to take shelter.



We perform location-based risk analysis of the areas where you want to establish underground shelters, bunkers, and CBRN shelters with our experts.

We fully evaluate natural threats as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Before offering you the specific solution, we take into account all the risks of earthquake, flood, fire, terrorism, pandemic, nuclear bomb, nuclear fallout, biological attack specific to your region. In addition, we implement the design that will enable you to make maximum use of environmental resources,
even in the most difficult conditions, with superior engineering.


Since 2008, we have directly taken part in dozens of different construction projects built on high-strength steel constructions.
We reflect this experience to the production of international level quality bunkers and offer you underground shelter, and CBRN shelter models with unique capabilities. We pay the same attention to every component of our production and consider every detail of the shelter that will protect you and your loved ones under all conditions. We test every stage of our shelter production with mechanical, static and all other engineering tools.


The system ships almost ready to use. It is sized in accordance with the container systems used in international sea, land and rail transportation. In this way, there are many alternatives for logistics costs. We can install it with our own staff or provide free technical support for easy installation. The inlets for clean water, electricity external feeds are delivered in ready and closed position. With simple connections, the whole system will become operational.