CBRN filters ensure the safety of the crew against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks, which are today’s methods of warfare. There are two different filters inside the CBRN filter; HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. CBRN filters provide clean air to the crew by passing the toxic gases mixed with the atmosphere first through the hepa filter and then through the carbon filter. The filters produced according to the NATO AEP54 standard have the ability to completely filter gases such as sarin and soman, which are considered war gases. It has successfully passed all tests against real war gases in TNO, the global CBRN test center. The filters designed, produced and tested by Nero Industry have the ability to filter between 90 minutes and 180 minutes during the war. If it is used in daily life, it is suitable for use between 1 month and 12 months depending on the toxic weather condition of the area used. According to MIL PRF 131K standards, CBRN filters that are vacuum packed with aluminum VCI have a shelf life of 10 years in packaged form. Nero Industry; It can design and manufacture Radial, GF and Cassette Type CBRN filters from 20.4 cubic meters to 360 cubic meters in accordance with marine, air and land military systems. In addition, in order to prevent the particles in the toxic air coming into the CBRN Filter, Nero Industry extends the life of the CBRN Filters by attaching a coarse dust filter to the filter inlet. These filters can filter all dust and sand particles up to the level of 0.3 mm.