Mini Shelter S

HEIGHT2,50 Meter meters

WIDTH2,30 Meter meters

LENGTH5,60 Meter meters


Mini Shelter L

HEIGHT : 2,50 Meter meters

WIDTH3,20 Meter meters

LENGTH : 6,50 Meter meters


It is produced in two different sizes, S and L.
It offers a net usage area of ​​11.65 and 19.27 square meters.
It is shipped ready for installation.
It is ready after the final insulation process and connections are made in the assembly area.
In its standard form, it has a shelter capacity of 4 people.


Hot dipped galvanized steel with a total thickness of 9 millimeters.
Fresh air circulation system.
Storage possibility with 220 Volt electrical input and gel batteries. LED lighting, USB and socket outlets.
Clean water installation.
Pressurized wastewater discharge system.
All furniture visible in the design is included. (Excluding electrical appliances.)
Independent energy planning for minimum survival possibilities.
Kitchenette, toilet and shower compartment.